Should you “google” your medical condition?

Answer? yes – but with caution.

(The Well Unwell has a resources page you can check out)

Healthcare is a team effort – as a patient you are central to that team. Information is a vital aspect of being an empowered member of your healthcare team. However, you want to make sure you’re getting the best quality information, so that you can make decisions in the best interests of you and your health.

We live in a digital age and there is information everywhere. Please keep in mind that the information you find may cause anxiety.

I strongly recommend asking your medical team for resources they suggest. There are also a lot of condition-specific organisations/foundations creating great websites and patient information (there are several listed on the resources page).

Also! If people around you are going down the google rabbit hole, and keep coming to you with all sorts of theories and suggestions – you’re allowed to ask them to keep it to themselves if it bothers you.

(Note: I would suggest exercising even more caution if googling symptoms, rather than a specific condition. Speak to your doctor first if you can).

🙂 Mel

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