Keep an eye on your hands and feet

It may be easy to forget about your feet (all the way down there). But it’s important to keep an eye on them! (Your hands too).

This is particularly important if you are prone to injuring yourself (and perhaps not realising, like me).

Intact skin is one of our bodies’ defence mechanisms – there are simple things you can do to reduce the stress on your skin:

– avoid very hot showers/baths

– moisturise regularly (I put cerave lotion under Vaseline for my feet/legs – mineral oil based products can get a bad wrap, but they’re good occlusives and sensitivity is rare)

– keep active (if you can)

– check your shoes

– check your hands and feet regularly

I currently have a 2nd degree burn on my hand, that’s taking a while to heal. I didn’t realise at the time, so no first aid, and then no skin/wound care until it had blistered 😔

I tend to get a lot of cuts and minor burns. I look after most of these myself, but if you’re not sure please always speak to a doctor, pharmacist or 13HEALTH/healthdirect telephone hotlines.

🙂 Mel

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