Downtime and mini-breaks

Taking a break, or having some downtime is very important for our wellbeing (and productivity). 3M started incorporating downtime into their employee’s works days in the 1940s!

I hadn’t really written much post wise the last couple of weeks – it was busy and I was tired. I felt momentarily guilty, then I remembered my posting schedule is entirely self-imposed.

Holidays may be off the cards for many of us this year. Fortunately, a break doesn’t have to be a month long-mountain top-unplugged-silent-meditation-retreat to be beneficial. We live in a digital world that is constantly “on”. Something as simple as using “do not disturb” on your phone overnight can allow you some downtime (calls can still get through if you like, but it can stop the pinging of notifications). Or maybe just go for a walk without your phone?

I like to write out a to-do list. I can then prioritise tasks and assign an appropriate timeframe. But I also find that a physical list helps to relieve some of the mental load/stress of tasks floating around in my head.

We all have limits. It’s ok to say you need a break. And find the break that works for you 😊

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