Five weeks ago I posted about getting to reduce treatment to fortnightly. I was pretty excited. Unfortunately, last week my neuropathy started spreading again.

I woke up and thought “hmm face is extra burny today” then I realised that the wrong side was burning. The next day, it had spread further up the back of my right leg as well. So today is day 3 of a 5 day bolus of IVIg.

Setbacks are a part of chronic illness (and life in general). Not going to lie, they are disappointing. I’ve been quite sad, but we have a plan, and are moving forward (and we can’t go backwards in time anyway – although apparently some Aussie physicists recently figured out paradox-free time travel).

As always, treating the underlying cause of the setback (where possible), is the best option to get back on track.

Times like these, I find my regular routines quite helpful, even if they’re a bit pared back. I have to get up and go to treatment, so that’s changing into day clothes covered anyway. But also – skincare morning and night, brushing my teeth, mat exercises (going for any movement, not gains), quick walk with Ruby 🐶, eating at my regular times.

If you have had a physical setback, please make sure you and your team are checking in with your mental health (and vice versa).

Smile and breathe (I do think it helps 😊)

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