Back in the gym

Back in the gym (and back posting – the mental cup has been full). A few months ago – after 18 months of treatment and physio – I made it back to the gym. Supervised, but back.

All my sessions are with a trainer and my trainer was recommended by my physio. We had a long discussion about my function/goals/triggers before starting. The first couple of sessions were largely functional assessments.

It is a very different mindset to what I was used to. We don’t go hard or go for gains. There’s a big focus on control and stability. We make a lot of modifications – mainly to accomodate my hands. If I don’t recover well or a body part goes too numb, we change things.

Disclaimer: pre-illness I had done a fair bit of gym/PT/Pilates so I was already familiar with a lot of the equipment/exercises/proper form.

To note:

If you have medical conditions/injuries, the gym may require a medical certificate that you’re ok to participate in exercise.

Gyms can be intimidating, all the ones I have been to have offered a free initial training session which can help orientate you.

Finding the right exercise “fit” is a trial and error process.

Keep hydrated.

Wear good shoes.

If you have poor sensation/circulation in your feet, check them for pressure injuries.


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