Dr Mel

MBBS, BAppSc(Medical Science), FRACP, FRCPA

Being a patient when you’re a doctor is quite an interesting ride. I became unwell right before I started my speciality training, and it’s been ongoing since (I think over five years now). I have struggled to find resources, to navigate the system(s) and to find a work/life/health balance.

When faced with illnesses that are going to be with you the rest of your life – there are many adjustments to be made.

Once a ballet dancer, I now have trouble knowing where my feet are, my balance is TERRIBLE! and I accidentally throw/drop/knock things all the time. Mostly, I had to learn to slow down.

This page is meant as a resource to all those living with illness. Even if it’s just to know that someone else may have gone through a similar experience. I have a list of topics to cover, and things that have helped me – but I’m still learning to blog, so bear with 🙂

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