Balance (the staying upright kind)

What goes into staying upright? (Or sitting, lying, standing). Maintaining “balance” or equilibrium requires cues from all over the body. Our “balance organ” is the vestibular system, which is found in the inner ear. This system gives constant feedback to part of the brain (the cerebellum) about head movements. It is this system that hasContinue reading “Balance (the staying upright kind)”

Back in the gym

Back in the gym (and back posting – the mental cup has been full). A few months ago – after 18 months of treatment and physio – I made it back to the gym. Supervised, but back. All my sessions are with a trainer and my trainer was recommended by my physio. We had aContinue reading “Back in the gym”

Neuropathy friendly exercise

Exercise has important benefits (in life in general, but also in chronic illness).  It can improve strength, balance, coordination, mobility, and endurance. It has been shown to improve fatigue associated with chronic illness. It can also help with depression and anxiety and pain management. It may even help to protect against dementia. So whilst itContinue reading “Neuropathy friendly exercise”

Why is your haematology appointment in the Cancer Care department?

In many places, the medical specialties of haematology and oncology come under the same banner of “Cancer Care”However, in haematology we see a lot of non-malignant (i.e. non-cancer) conditions as well. Turning up to a clinic, or receiving a letter or phone call with “cancer” in the name can be very stressful for patients andContinue reading “Why is your haematology appointment in the Cancer Care department?”


Mindfulness is the practice of keeping one’s consciousness/thoughts focused on the present reality.  That is being full present and engaged in a moment – our thoughts, emotions, bodily sensations and position in space.  It’s origins are in Buddhism and The Sutra of Mindfulness.  It is often referred to as a type of meditation – orContinue reading “Mindfulness”


Five weeks ago I posted about getting to reduce treatment to fortnightly. I was pretty excited. Unfortunately, last week my neuropathy started spreading again. I woke up and thought “hmm face is extra burny today” then I realised that the wrong side was burning. The next day, it had spread further up the back ofContinue reading “Setbacks”

Downtime and mini-breaks

Taking a break, or having some downtime is very important for our wellbeing (and productivity). 3M started incorporating downtime into their employee’s works days in the 1940s! I hadn’t really written much post wise the last couple of weeks – it was busy and I was tired. I felt momentarily guilty, then I remembered myContinue reading “Downtime and mini-breaks”

World Lymphoma Awareness Day

Lymphoma is a type of cancer, that arises from white blood cells called lymphocytes. Lymphocytes are made in the bone marrow. Most of them mature in the bone marrow and are then released into the bloodstream, where they circulate or migrate to other tissues to do their jobs. A portion of lymphocytes (T cells) leaveContinue reading “World Lymphoma Awareness Day”

Why I chose to Intermittently fast.

Yes I do intermittent fasting. But not for a weight-related reason. IF has been quite topical in the last couple of years. There has been some concern around its promotion and messaging in terms of a “diet”. I wanted to share my perspective as someone who does intermittent fasting for a non-weight related reason. InContinue reading “Why I chose to Intermittently fast.”

Keep an eye on your hands and feet

It may be easy to forget about your feet (all the way down there). But it’s important to keep an eye on them! (Your hands too). This is particularly important if you are prone to injuring yourself (and perhaps not realising, like me). Intact skin is one of our bodies’ defence mechanisms – there areContinue reading “Keep an eye on your hands and feet”