Balance (the staying upright kind)

What goes into staying upright? (Or sitting, lying, standing). Maintaining “balance” or equilibrium requires cues from all over the body. Our “balance organ” is the vestibular system, which is found in the inner ear. This system gives constant feedback to part of the brain (the cerebellum) about head movements. It is this system that hasContinue reading “Balance (the staying upright kind)”


Five weeks ago I posted about getting to reduce treatment to fortnightly. I was pretty excited. Unfortunately, last week my neuropathy started spreading again. I woke up and thought “hmm face is extra burny today” then I realised that the wrong side was burning. The next day, it had spread further up the back ofContinue reading “Setbacks”

Downtime and mini-breaks

Taking a break, or having some downtime is very important for our wellbeing (and productivity). 3M started incorporating downtime into their employee’s works days in the 1940s! I hadn’t really written much post wise the last couple of weeks – it was busy and I was tired. I felt momentarily guilty, then I remembered myContinue reading “Downtime and mini-breaks”


Fatigue Mel “I’d be fine with the burning, if I just wasn’t so tired” Neurologist “Well, if you think about how many peripheral nerves you have and how many of yours are inflamed, it’s no wonder you’re tired” Mel “oh… yeah I guess that makes sense” Fatigue, much like pain, is complex, multifactorial and veryContinue reading “Fatigue”

Hopefully practical tips from a germaphobic mind

Unfortunately the pandemic is still very much with us. Hand hygiene and physical (social) distancing are still our best defences. Your skin feels dry and tight. Knuckles are getting red. Cuts you didn’t know you had sting like mad when you use hand sanitiser. Change your hand towels – yes, they get dirty. It’s importantContinue reading “Hopefully practical tips from a germaphobic mind”