Neuropathy friendly exercise

Exercise has important benefits (in life in general, but also in chronic illness).  It can improve strength, balance, coordination, mobility, and endurance. It has been shown to improve fatigue associated with chronic illness. It can also help with depression and anxiety and pain management. It may even help to protect against dementia. So whilst itContinue reading “Neuropathy friendly exercise”

Keep an eye on your hands and feet

It may be easy to forget about your feet (all the way down there). But it’s important to keep an eye on them! (Your hands too). This is particularly important if you are prone to injuring yourself (and perhaps not realising, like me). Intact skin is one of our bodies’ defence mechanisms – there areContinue reading “Keep an eye on your hands and feet”

Should you “google” your medical condition?

Answer? yes – but with caution. (The Well Unwell has a resources page you can check out) Healthcare is a team effort – as a patient you are central to that team. Information is a vital aspect of being an empowered member of your healthcare team. However, you want to make sure you’re getting theContinue reading “Should you “google” your medical condition?”